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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Flipkart Plus - Full Detail About Flipkart Plus

Flipkart Plus - Full Detail About Flipkart Plus 

India’s largest e-commerce site Flipkart will in August make a renewed attempt at a customer loyalty programme as it seeks to challenge Amazon’s subscription service Prime that has become popular with customers Flipkart Plus,

which will be launched on 15 August, will be a no-fee, points-based programme for regular customers of  Flipkart (customers will earn points or coins with every purchase).

The core benefits of the Flipkart Plus programme include Free Delivery on "crores of products," and Early Access to Major Sale Events that lets you shop before other customers on sale events such as Big Billion Days,

Big Shopping Days. It also promises Superior customer support, which means you will get priority customer care with a faster response time.

Also, members will get faster delivery of products on the platform.
Customers will be benefited

πŸ‘‰ Free Delivery Option on any Product

πŸ‘‰ First access to Flipkart's big cell event 

πŸ‘‰ Get better customer support

πŸ‘‰ During the Big Billion Day Sale, quick access to other customers

πŸ‘‰ Customer Support with Fast Response Time

πŸ‘‰ Fast Shipping

πŸ‘‰ Fast Delivery for Members

Flipkart has not yet clarified what the customer should qualify for this loyalty program.

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